No knitting here

I have been knitting, but not much progress has been made. I have been doing more cooking/baking lately than knitting (it’s kinda hard to knit when your hands are covered in dough). I still haven’t received my Sockapalooza socks, so I am looking forward to that package. It will help me get over having to work again.

Speaking of packages, I ordered some books from KnitPicks, and the order information says it was shipped on 7/31. I forgot to update my address before I ordered them, so I knew I would have to wait a bit longer before the mail forwarding got it to the right place. So I have been checking the tracking of this package occasionally, and it was in Westminster, where I live, a week and a half ago. A week later, for some bizarre reason, my package is reported as having been delivered in Grove City, Ohio. OHIO! It was in MD, then got delivered in Ohio! Does this make sense to anyone??!! (Maybe I’m missing some geographical wormhole that exists between Ohio and Maryland)

In other news, I have to start back to work tomorrow. I know, sad that us teachers no longer have any time off left. In another week there will be students! The horror! (Seriously, all teachers have nightmares before the kids come back)

I read something fun I feel obligated to share on Adam’s blog. He’s one smart cookie.

With much yarn, comes great responsibility.

0 thoughts on “No knitting here

  1. Grove City is where KP’s warehouse is so it probably went back to the warehouse. I’d call about it tomorrow if I were you!

    Have a great first week back!!


  2. I hope you get your order soon. I was excited to see that they finally offer tracking numbers with Canada Post. It used to be that once the package left the warehouse there was no way to keep tabs on it.

    That quote is seriously awesome. Do you know the Weird Al Spiderman song? It’s to the tune of Pianoman and is very funny.


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