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If you have been reading this blog a while, you know that I’m a teacher. You might also know that last year I started a club with my students, teaching them how to knit and/or crochet. I am continuing with this club this year, and I plan on having my students focus on making items to donate to charity while they learn or practice their yarn-skills. In order to do this, we are going to need some help. As of today I have 32 students who have joined my club for this school year. Our school also has the highest number of students in the county receiving free and reduced meals at school because of their economic background. I know that we have it better off than some schools, however I would hate to have to turn students away because they cannot afford to purchase supplies. So it was with great excitement that I remembered the incredible support of the knitting community I belong to (as well as those crocheters out there!) and decided to ask you for your help.

If you have yarn you know you will not use, or can no longer remember why on Earth you purchased it, we would be happy to have you donate it to our club. If you have other notions or needles and hooks, those would be appreciated as well. Any size yarn will be welcome as well as any fiber content, as I have ideas in how to incorporate the variety into my club. If you do have supplies, please send them to:

Winters Mill High School

c/o Stitches Club

560 Gorsuch Road

Westminster, MD 21157

I want to thank everyone in advance for your help, and if you would like to spread the word, here is a button you can use on your site.

(Please feel free to borrow the button, not the bandwidth!)

16 thoughts on “Support Needed

  1. Is acrylic okay? Or do you want wool/wool blends only? I see you mention any size, but not the fiber content. I’ve got a bunch of everything and I like to share, but want to be sure I’m sending what you need.


  2. Full skeins only? Or are partial skeins/balls okay? I have some yarn I started and decided not to continue with, so it’s been rewound.

    Next time I post I will mention this, too. šŸ™‚


  3. Steph, I have the same question. I have some acrylic (and some wool) in my stash from the early days that I won’t use, and I almost hesitate to donate something that I don’t want to use myself, feels a bit like dumping. I want to make sure it will be useful!


  4. I will go through everything in the next week or so as I go back through the stash. I know that I have yarns that you can use. And if I finally label all of my needles and sort them, I am sure that I have plenty of triples or more of some sizes. I will get with you as soon as I figure out what I have and deliver them to you. Plus I will mention this on my blog.


  5. Who needs gauge?! You’re my kind of knitter, woman! Amy sent me over, and I’m glad she did. I will happily send you tons of yarn (I’m away from home for the weekend, but as soon as I get back I’ll pack you up a bunch.) A couple of years ago, I ran a class/club for 25 fourth graders on how to knit. (I only lasted a semester before I wanted to ram a No. 9 through my eye.) Though, in my defense, I did manage to “convert” three of them to the obsessive worship of the wool gods – the rest spent much of the time sword-fighting with needles, poking each other and driving me crazy. So. You are a better woman than I. Good luck! I’ll send the yarn on Monday!


  6. I culled through my stash yesterday and came up with quite a bit. A few people from my knitting group are also contributing, so I should be able to send you a big box some time this week.


  7. I got here from Lime n Violet. I’m happy to send you some yarns. But I have the same question about full and/or partial acrylic content and also will the kids want some of those novelty yarns eventually? What weights do you want? Fingering all the way to chunky, or just in the mid-range?

    I’ve got a couple of spare pairs of mid-size needles I think. In straights anyway. One pair with the different colors in the pair that is supposed to help with teaching. One pair plain. I’ll start boxing some stuff up but until I’m sure about the acrylic and which weights you are interested in I don’t want to pull out too much stuff in case I just have to put it away again.


  8. Doh! If I would train myself to read more slowly I would not have to comment right after myself and admit that I have now seen where it says any weight and any fiber. I will now take my blush and go have a blast pulling apart my stash and box up and send you a whole mess of stuff. If you haven’t gotten a box in a week or so, ping me.

    BTW: I bet you can get some needle company or other to donate some needles to your cause.


  9. I have sent this information out to my knitting group and offered to package the donations and ship them on behalf of the group. I will know more later this week on what is collected.


  10. Hi, I just found this site today, so I don’t know if this program is still going on. I have quite a bit of yarn for which I’m trying to find a new home. The majority of it is acrylic, and some of it might not be in complete skeins. Could I still send it? Thank you.


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