Who knew…

I did!

You guys are awesome! I have already had a number of responses for people who want to donate stuff. I appreciate your generosity and support oh-so-much!

I will take partial or re-skeined/balled yarn, as my first project I am planning is for them to make squares which I will then stitch together for the first blanket. Since I wasn’t sure how much I was going to get, I thought that the best way would be to divide each skein into smaller balls for each student. I only have 2 balls donated last year, and I have 3 balls plus some odds and ends of my own to donate. I also bought a few pairs of needles last year out of my pocket, since last year there were only about 6 students who came regularly. So everything you have stated you are sending me is going to make this year 1000x better!

Also, I thank those of you who have mentioned this on their blogs. I love the fact that you are trying to get the word out!

Knitters ROCK!

0 thoughts on “Who knew…

  1. You are quite welcome! I’m glad to be able to contribute something…and let us know if you need more later in the school year, as I am sure I will have more in the future.

    Hope it goes well!


  2. You’ll have much more than you had last year as early as tomorrow (mailed priority yesterday from a MD post office). It seemed like you needed a lot – so I sent a big bunch of yarn and 4 sets of needles – 3 in larger sizes.

    Hopefully we don’t overwhelm your ability to store it!


  3. Steph~

    I’m not sure what size needles you were shooting for but i have 2 pair of 10’s and 3 pair of 8’s for you. I also have a grocery store sized bag of yarn. Some of it is acrylic and some of it is wool…there is some we may have to ask Mia about as it originally came from her. It’s probably wool or a wool blend of some kind.

    Do you need it sooner or want me to just bring it to Panera?


  4. Wow! What a great thing you’re doing. I clicked on your site from Lime N Violet to see how I could help and I was pleasantly surprised to see you’re in MD.

    I’m from Baltimore and I’m definitely going to thin out my stash and get some yarn out to you.


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