Thus far…

It has been a while since blogging last. I have received some of your donations. It has been great! (If only the other people at school were as excited about getting yarn in the mail. Then it would be even better!) I love that everyone has been including a note saying who they are in their packages.

So far I have gotten packages from the Mad, Mad Housewife,

Amy, from Live, Learn, Knit,

Liz, from Knitting Pretty,

Kathleen from Great (or Not) Adventures,

Ruth, from Ruthless Knitting,

(these were leftovers from her grandmother’s fisherman’s sweaters!)

and Mel, from Purling Plans.

(yes, the lighting in my classroom really is that bad. no windows!)

If you don’t see your package, perhaps it just hasn’t made it yet. Let me know if I should be on the look-out for it.

I am so excited, the students are going to be working on knitting or crocheting starting next week. I have to knit a sample and then measure and cut yarn for the first project.

And just so you don’t think I’m hoarding my own stuff :o)


So we have a pretty good base going. I am going to the Carroll County Sit and Knit meeting this weekend, and a bunch of the members are bringing more stuff for me to haul back to my class. Bring it on!

0 thoughts on “Thus far…

  1. I’ve *finally* gathered up the last donations from my knitting group, so tonight I’ll finish boxing it all up. I’ll ship the box out tomorrow or Saturday…assuming I’m physically able to haul it over to UPS. 🙂


  2. Speaking of packages, did you ever get your Sockapalooza socks from me? I sent them Priority Mail a couple of weeks ago, I hope the US post office didn’t lose them!!


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