And the yarn continues to roll

On Saturday I had another knit group meeting, and there were new people I met. Shout out to new knitter friends!

I also walked away with more yarn and needles for my club at school!

Thank you Mia, Suz, and Jess!

And I received another package at school. This time from Suzie.

Believe me, the non-fiber fiends are starting to notice. My other students have started to make comments about how much yarn is in my classroom. (Wouldn’t they be shocked if they saw some of your stash closets!) At this point, it is still contained in some bins. I have more bins at home that I am going to take so it looks a bit more organized and less over-flowing. Plus I can always get rid of a few beakers and stash some in a cabinet, right?! Here is the view (note electrical outlet for comparison)…


I have enough yarn and needles/hooks for students to start. In fact, this is what I did after school on Monday so we were ready for the meeting on Thursday.

This will be our knitted blanket (the first)

And our crochet blanket (the first) I still need to wind a few more balls, but hey, I have to grade papers sometime!

0 thoughts on “And the yarn continues to roll

  1. Hey, Steph, thanks for stopping by! Wanna buy a rowhome? Just kidding!

    Do you want some partial skeins of various acrylic yarns? I have a bag of them that I won’t use, but can’t imagine just tossing. Say the word and they’re yours! I have some straight bamboo needles, too!


  2. I would rather they not see the size of my stash. It would scar them forever. Plus the true size of my stash would scare most people. Or at least the size of my sock yarn stash. I am still working on a few more donations for you. I will let you know when I get them.

    And if you need more totes, i probably could clean up some of my stuff and empty one or two.


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