Just what I need…

…a new obsession!

I bought…

…a spindle!

And they sent me a little ball of roving, which I promptly sat down at the computer, looked up spinning instructions and videos on the internet, and made…

…THIS! (ok, I’ll stop with the … now, I’m annoying myself)

Now, spread out, it is very thick-threadlike, but I blame it on the cat trying to grab the spindle, not my novice ability. I ordered a small amount of roving (off ebay) and it arrived on Monday, so I opened it when I got home and promptly cast on (or the spinnerly equivalent. i don’t know what that is, so enlighten me if there is such a term so I don’t sound like such a newbie)

Isn’t it nice how it is all carded and pulled into small strands already? Again, please don’t judge too harshly, but here is my results of try number two.

I think I did better, but from the little I know about spinning, I think I have too much twist(?). I got better as I went along. The last part going almost vertical is spun more loosely, so you can compare to the beginning twisty-ness. I have started the second strand, now I have to research how to ply. All I know so far is that you spin the spindle the opposite way you spun the yarn.

So I want a picture of me actually spinning, but focusing, spinning, and feeding the roving is too much. I have to wait until husband can be home to get a good picture. (Can you believe that he is not suitably impressed that not only have I mostly taught myself to knit, but now I can spin yarn in a matter of moments?)


(p.s. – husband, if you are reading, we are getting closer to owning those sheep. can you feel it?)

0 thoughts on “Just what I need…

  1. That is some awesome spinning- I feel like I need a third hand when I have the spindle! yours looks great and though I’m not your husband, I’m very impressed.


  2. Well there are plenty of sheep near you. And I am aiding and abetting you. Look for a box tomorrow. And there is another spindle in there to help your collection grow.


  3. Warn the husband that it’s all over. It’s only one small, slippery step from spindle to spinning wheel–and it’s so much fun! Your first handspun is AWESOME! Take it from someone who took much longer to get to anything approaching yarn.


  4. That’s what I keep telling my husband too (he’s totally on board! Woo-hooo!) Hurray for spinning, hurray for another one joining the fold! Isn’t it fun? And it is pretty amazing what you can do in such a short amount of time – It was about this time last year when I sat at home with my new spindle and fiber and video and made my first yarn, I was so excited!!


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