Beware all ye who wish to resist stash enhancement!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

It’s another session where I share all of my yarn/fiber that I am not buying but have drooled over. (If you go to the sites listed and the yarn looks a little soggy, it might be my fault. Sorry, braces in adolescents increases the drool factor as an adult.)

First, I still really, really, REALLY want the Rivendell color (not listed anymore) that I saw on See Jane Knit Yarns. I have been meaning to ask if she will make more just for lil’ ol’ me, and when I went back to look, she has new AUTUMN COLORS! This woman has my color likes down to a T. Plus she has combinations I wouldn’t have thought of (therefore why she is dyeing and I am not) Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I want almost all of them. (Can I borrow them for a while? Please? I’ll give them back just a little smooshed and scrunched, but I promise you can still knit with them!)

Then the other day I went to look at Scout’s site and looked at her gallery. BAD idea. I want Kill Bill and Million Dollar Baby and Snow Bunny and… (it has been a while since I have been there, and for some reason I haven’t seen those colors on other sites)

And Dyeabolical has some great new colors

Believe me, this looks even better close up… go ahead and look, i’ll wait…


… and this

is a mosaic colorway, from Knitspirations, which can have 14 or MORE colors in one skein. Pretty cool, huh? She has others, but I like this one best.

Plus, BMFA has new colors, of course pretty. I, however, am holding off until their Raven colorways are here. So go buy as much as you can of the new stuff, so I don’t have any competition in November.

I will leave you with this. It is from Emily Parson and is called American Patchwork.

(I seem to be really into darker colors now. What does that say about me?)

0 thoughts on “Beware all ye who wish to resist stash enhancement!

  1. You really want to order from Jayne. She is the one who dyed my Frankenstein yarn. And the Kermit had a Nightmare yarn. I just got in a skien of her Autumn Leaves yarn yesterday. You know you want to order from her. You really want to order from her. The yarn is worth it.


  2. I love Scout’s Kill Bill colorway. Hubby and I were watching Kill Bill the other night and I mentioned the colorway to him. Somehow he wasn’t quite as excited as I expected him to be. I wonder why that was?


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