More on Stitches

So I am still receiving yarn from donors. I have gotten a huge box from Texas, a group calling themselves the Sisters of Wool (I love the name) which includes Grace, Susan, Lynn, Angele, Jeri, and Micki, have donated this box which doubled the school-stash I already received.


There is some nice stuff in there! Thanks guys!

Also, I got some yarn from some other donors. They didn’t include notes for websites or anything, so I’m not sure if they mind me sharing names, so I’ll err on the side of caution. One did not even have a return address, so we can’t send thank-you cards. If you don’t get one, Thank you!

My students have been plugging away at the squares for the blankets as well. Here is what we have so far.

Most of the students are involved in crochet, so we have more of them.

Also, I have started a phenomena. The teachers are picking up this fiber obsession as well! I started knitting in faculty meetings last year, but imagine my delight as I looked up the other day and there was one of my fellow teachers, crocheting along! I also was tickled at our professional development day when four of us were working in yarn during the presentations. I got a quick pic for you.

(you can’t see, but the girl on the end is crocheting as well)

I may have started a revolution!

0 thoughts on “More on Stitches

  1. Holy Wow! You’ve really gotten some fantastic donations!!

    Thanks for the pic of what’s been made so far. I meant to ask about that today but our conversation kept flowing and i kept getting side tracked from asking. LOL.


  2. Wow! People are being so generous. Cool that the other teachers are getting into it.

    Re: Pushing Daisies: it wast this week’s episode! I totally didn’t think about being a spoiler! Sorry if I ruined it for you. I forget that other people watch TV too. 🙂


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