Happy Samhain!

Or Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, or just ’cause you feel like it!

Davis decided that he wanted to be festive and decorate. He bought a pumpkin, then asked me to help carve it. I instructed him in what to do, and he did it.

The gutting of the pumpkin came with much, ‘eww!’-ing. Davis decided it was gross, and asked me more than once if I would do it for him. I told him since he was the one who wanted the pumpkin and he bought it, he had to gut it. I spent the time laughing and pulling out the seeds for toasting.

(There was more than one pumpkin I was de-seeding. I had roast ed some earlier and h ad saved the seeds just for this.)

I think his efforts turned out well, don’t you?

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