Stitches and more Stitches

I am still getting more yarn every week at school. (I think that there is a larger stash in my classroom than at home by now.)

In addition to the yarn, Crash Into Ewe also sent some of her pencils topped with yarn balls! I think some lucky students are going to be very excited about these!

I have also started to sew together some of the squares my students have made. This is how much blanket I have done.

One student finished a scarf for us to donate. I just have to teach her to sew in the ends!

As for Stitches (East, that is) I guess I should post before it has been a month. I took a class called “Knitting from Ireland to Spain” taught by Maggie Jackson. For those of you who don’t know, Maggie is a designer originally from northern Ireland. She was wonderful, showed us many of her designs, how she incorporated the stitches from the class in various ways, she shared stories about her books, and she was very easy to be around. 

We were making a scarf out of linen and fancy yarns. Here is what my scarf looks like thus far


I had never worked with linen before, and I was skeptical after seeing examples of what we are making, but I have to be honest, I love this scarf. It is mine, not for anyone else!

I  also perused the market place and came back with more stash.

The hemp I got for a friend of mine, one skein of the sock yarn is for my secret pal, and the rest is mine. (I haven’t bought yarn for a while. There was so much fiber that wanted to come home with me, however the evil shop sellers wouldn’t take my protestations of undying love as payment)

I also got a pattern and some beads I thought were pretty.

The pattern is a simple t-shirt made with hemp. I have never knit with hemp, but after working with the linen, I am open to trying new things.

I loved the time I spent there, and since it was my first time attending such an event, I’m glad I only went for one day.

(Suz, I did stay away from The Mannings booth, as I know we are going there soon!)

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