One down..

I finished a project

Technically it is only half, but I can still wear it on one hand. It does bring flashbacks of Michael Jackson, but I don’t think anyone else notices. :o)


Pattern: Snowflake Fingerless Gloves, from Knitting Fair Isle Mittens and Gloves.

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in Ash, White, and

Gauge: 7.5 sts per inch in fair isle pattern

Notes: This is my first fair isle work ever! It went pretty quickly, although I was only working on it at random times between other projects. There was one problem I had with the pattern, but I didn’t take notes and cannot remember what it was. I did have to change the width of the pattern to fit my hand, but not by much. My hands are on the small end of average, so I imagine if your hands were bigger you would have to do more math to figure out thumb placement and such for alterations.

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