I purposefully overlooked miscounted a few of my UFO’s in the last post when I touted my tally of projects on the go. I did have 10 UFO’s a month ago, I counted on Ravelry. Since then I have finished two pairs of socks and one pair of fingerless gloves. In a normal, non-knitter mind, this does not come anywhere close to being 3 UFO’s left. So let me account for the rest to prove my math is not actually that bad. (I do have a reputation to uphold as a teacher of children. I should at least try to prove that I am not woefully bad at math.)

I have three projects that I am considering ‘active’. I am working on my linen scarf I started at Stitches East, a baby sweater I have tagged for one of the six unborn children who will be gracing us with their presence this spring (Teachers get busy during the summer. Other people do it during the winter when it is cold and there isn’t much else to do except huddle under the blankets, but teachers, they have so much carefree abandonment during the summer break that things like this are bound to happen.) and a pair of stockinette socks I have for my meeting times where I have to actually pretend to pay attention.

So far that makes six projects. I am not counting my cousin socks, or Ms. Brown, the shorts I started this summer, since neither one of them actually have needles attached. They are currently in hibernation, which doesn’t count in my actual project queue. So therefore I am perfectly within my rights to count them as ‘not active’. 

I  also decided that I am not knitting ball-band dishcloths for family and friends for Holiday gift-giving. They are not worthy of my time and effort, and I am not completing any new ones at this time. All the ones that were started were completed. So those no longer count as an active project, since all are done and the project revised. The ones I have finished may end up in my gift stash for other occasions. We shall see.

This makes 9 projects. The tenth, I have decided to frog.

I love everyone’s chevron scarves, and have been wanting to make one since I thought about some of the color combinations I have in my stash. So I picked two yarns I thought would be awesome together and started knitting.


I was not happy with the first results, so I frogged part of it and tried to move the color repeats around to see if it made it better. It doesn’t. So frogged it is.

There is the story of the secret lives of my projects. I know you were so interested, you couldn’t pull yourself away.


P.S. – mom loves her socks. she says she will go to work and run around pulling her pants up to show the socks off. then she noticed my fingerless gloves, and said she thought they were awesome and wants a pair. mom is a bit off her rocker. does she remember the sock saga?

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