Field Trip

After the wonderful Thanksgiving feast I mentioned last week, hubby and I took off for NYC to attend the wedding of one of our friends. We had to leave early in the morning, so we didn’t get lots of sleeping-in-time, but I did get 4 hours of knitting time.

The wedding was nice, as weddings go. Most of our friends from college and home are married now, so we have seen quite a few. But the reception was outrageous! Especially in terms of food. To give you a clue, this was just the salad course…

They had an open bar cocktail hour that consisted of a number of buffet tables including such delicacies as sushi, ribs, calamari, a number of fruit, cheese, and marinated vegetable dishes, at least two salads with crab in them, a carving table, stuffed mushrooms, and I can’t remember all of what else. Then, we had the salads pictured above, then a pasta course, and later we had an entree that we ordered from choices of veal, salmon, chicken, or filet mignon. And of course desert! Complete with cannoli, cake, and chocolate covered cherries.

I think I was the only one who did not walk away from the reception feeling like I might puke. It was definitely a lot of food! So much that Bill didn’t even want to eat the wonderful Indian food we ordered the next night, he was still so full. Everyone had a good time dancing and carrying on though. I have proof of that too.

On Saturday, we got up and headed into Manhattan, where we first visited MoMA, and saw a number of interesting, bizarre, and awesome works of art. First there were some wooden sculptures, reaching stories into the air. This one was pretty cool.

The bottom is a slight bit narrower than a normal ladder, then the top dwindles to nothing. The picture only shows about the top half of it.

This one is best described by the description next to it. It is high up on the corner of the wall, many little crosses painted next to each other in a receding fashion.


I think that states my amazement. Art that will intentionally be painted over?!

Then there was the wall with four corners of fabric. (Bill is in the picture for perspective.)

They also had video displays, the craziest one which is a guy who keeps moving, and every time he does, he says, “I am making art.” Over and over.

My favorite one was this beaded hanging.

Each bead was hand placed one centimeter apart on these strings. This shows the imperfections of human nature. Then it is supposed to be installed facing due North, to symbolize the importance of the earth over man’s constructions, or something like that.

We saw other things besides art as well. Trump Tower had trees! growing on the building.

You can’t really see but in the corners are doors that are about half of the height of each tree. We also saw some trees in Central Park…

…where we sat a spell on the bench. It was cold though, so we didn’t stay long. We als

o went to the Museum of Natural History, but I was tired and it was pretty crowded so I didn’t get many pictures. Then, Bill took me to the best of all… A yarn store! We went to Knitty City, which had a number of people in the shop getting help or lessons, more than I have seen in a yarn store before. Especially since the space was so small. I purchased two new additions to my stash as well as a pattern for one of the many babies that are soon to be arriving. (Not so soon that I am under pressure to complete anything though!)

I had lots of fun, but didn’t sleep well after all of that walking around, so I was a bit cranky on the ride home. All in all a great trip. We were supposed to see a show, but with the strikes it got canceled. Bill can’t believe that I have never seen a show, so he says we have to go back at our earliest convenience to make that happen. I however am content to knit at home for a while.


Tomorrow I will be asking for some ideas on education, in case you are interested in weighing in. All non-educators encouraged to participate. So stay tuned, same knit time, same knit channel.

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