Itchy Fingers

Since I would like to finish most of the projects on my needles before I start others, I have been having some problems staying true.

First, I was diligently working on my linen scarf. It was going along well, when I got to the point where I have to increase on the purl side. I was taught over a month ago how to do this, but of course in that time I have lost all track of exactly how you put the needle into the loop to accomplish this. I keep meaning to look it up on the interweb, but keep being sidetracked by things like blogs, Ravelry, and Ohh!Pretty!

I then was working on the baby sweater I’m making, I even got the last sleeve started, but I kept thinking, “Oh, I could make that for so-and-so. I would need this, this, and find this. Also, I have been meaning to make blah-blah-blah, I could start that now and totally get it done by Christmas/Birthday.”

So I have cast on to more projects. Plus the charity project I’m making. Plus the yarn that I am winding for the other thing.


Sigh. No will power.


  1. Suz

    Omg, Steph. I’m jobless and go through the same crap every day…i’m sure you still manage to get more done than i do. My mind is against me.


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