Another WIP

After blogging about the current projects I have planned to pursue, I have been knitting on all three. I have also designed and started a charity project that has sprung from my club. This project will be mostly my work, since most of it is not done.

At one of our meetings, a student taught me how to make a granny square. Out of crochet. Yes, I have learned how to wield a hook for more than a chain stitch. See, I have talked to a bunch of teachers and staff members who would like to learn to knit as well, and have invited them to come to our after-school meetings or make squares for our blankets. One teacher asked me about how big the squares were for the blanket, and two days later gave me a pink and red granny square. Since the blankets we were making did not go with the colors she had chosen, I tried to think what I could do with one square. I designed the following idea – make a blanket of squares that resembles some of the quilts I have seen made. So I designed the quilt, chose other colors from the donated stash, and have been churning squares out.

The color progression will go as such.


I have finished about 15 squares and I have sewn about 7 together. I don’t think I’ll finish it any time soon, but it is something quick and now mindless I can do if I have a chance.

My biggest problem with this project is I haven’t figured out how to get consistent tension and my squares vary in size. I figure it will be better once I block the thing, and adding a border will help. I keep trying to decide how big I want it to be, so that can change at any time.

One of our students has also finished a blanket. This was not done from any of the yarn that readers have donated since she was making it for a friend for Christmas, but considering she did not know how to crochet before this year, I’m impressed!

Also for my club at school I have two students who have crochet some wash clothes. I also made one (knitted) and they will be donated to a family that a group at our school is sponsoring. The woman who was organizing items stated that the family was looking for Bath&Body Works items, so I thought making some wash clothes would be a great addition to those gifts.

We also got some more yarn! You guys are great! Ronni sent a huge box of needles and yarn!

So much stuff was in the box that I couldn’t fit it all on the table to take a picture!

Thanks Ronni!

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  1. Well practice makes perfect for tension with crochet is what i have found. And if you use a solid color block between multi colored blocks, the colors will go together and give you a scrappy look. That is what makes scrap quilts work.


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