Delighted to Blog

I was thinking about all of the people around me who don’t knit in my life. I was thinking about how if I could, I would show every FO to everyone I know, dancing around and saying, “Look! Isn’t it great!” I want to talk about knitting, yarn, technique, and a million other things that have to do with this craft. I have tried converting friends, making the craft attractive, trying to draw them in. I have had many people say, “I want to learn.”, or, “I wish I could do that!”, and then none of them do, and subsequently don’t get it. I was thinking how lonely it would be to not have people who want to see what I’m doing, to share stories with, not to have people who get ‘it’.

I am so happy I have you! 

0 thoughts on “Delighted to Blog

  1. The feeling is MUTUAL, my friend. What a lonely world it would be if I couldn’t connect to great knitters and great friends. Thanks for reiterating what I’m always thinkg


  2. Think about it, how many new people have you “met” since you started blogging? Blogs are a place to vent if you need to and we all understand. Friendships for in the most unusual places because of the blogging world. And most people have no clue as to what you look like so they have no pre-conceptions.


  3. I feel the same way! My family & the friends that I had BF (before knitting) do a really kind and wonderful job of putting up with me, but it’s simply not the same as sharing your excitement with someone who really gets it. Bless the internets 😉


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