A day in the life of…

   … lazy kitties!

Now, I have not blogged about my cats in a while, not since they were kittens. (Technically, still kittens. But much bigger!)

Remember the mischievous one?

She still helps with knitting and hooking up wires. Now we know she likes the Christmas tree as well. She and the fluffy one like to cuddle together occasionally. When she is feeling nice.

The other day, she though it was too cold. So she decided that huddling over the turtle would be a good way to warm-up.

Ahh! Toasty toes!

She has bikini markings on her belly, if you can see them. It’s quite a skimpy top, if you ask me.

“Mom! I’m indecent!”

0 thoughts on “A day in the life of…

  1. Mom needs to make the kitties a blanket to huddle under or on. And the toes on the turtle is cute!!! Mimi sleeps all day on top of the quilt to stay warm. She has the bed that warms up but she won’t go near it. Kitties seem to like quilts though.


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