A new fiber fetish

I have started a new stash!

I am addicted to the remnant pile at Joann’s (this picture has already had a number of items that have been added to it. I think I am just preparing for the apocalypse. That way I can survive by the layer of padding that will be in my house due to all of the fiber-type materials coating it.) I have also been sewing.

I have continued on my grandmother’s placemats. It is slow going. Only because there is other fiberish calls tempting me away.

I also started working on some of this year’s presents. This is one item that is done. It is for a cousin of my hubby’s.

Also, I have heard rumors that patterns of the Butterick nature will be on sale next weekend. 99¢ people! If you buy the patterns I want from my store before I can get there, I will be very sad.

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