Happy New Year!

*If you read to the bottom, there will be a contest!*

So I made it through 2007! I’m hoping that you all had a wonderful holiday season. I was fairly busy during my time. I spent time with family and friends, and on me! (It was my vacation after all.) I actually managed to go more than a week without being on the computer, and I didn’t really miss it that much. I was happily surprised that I was able to abstain for so long, considering that if the internet connection goes down, that is the exact time I think of fifteen things I must get on the computer to look-up-this or find-out-about-that. This is also the reason for the long blogging hiatus. But now I’m back, so lets review the past year.

My goals for last year were

Knitting goals:

  • knit myself a poncho
  • knit myself a pair of socks
  • make something with cables
  • make something with colorwork
  • design something
  • get a design published somewhere (maybe I’ll have to resort to here, however, I would rather have something more official, if you know what I mean)

Other goals:

  • Finish a mountain bike race
  • Read at least one classic novel

I did not create the poncho for me, although I did make one, it was a bit small for me, so it became a present for my younger cousin. The rest of the knitting goals were accomplished. In the ‘other’ goals category, I did finish a classic novel (Arabian Nights, although not a typical novel, I am counting in this category.) I did not finish the bike race, or even compete in one. So 85% completion rate of my goals is not bad.

This year I am not making any New Year goals. I saw the 101 in 1001 project first on Space Kitty’s blog. You list specific goals you want to accomplish, and you have 1001 days to complete all of your goals. That’s approximately 2.75 years, as opposed to one. I’m going to finish editing my list so that I can get them published and begin them sometime this month.

I also completed my first year writing on this blog! My first post was last year on Dec 31. So, since the tradition seems to be having a contest, I will be giving away 2 prizes. One will be a random prize from all participants. The second one will be given to the first person who can guess the type of project that was the first thing I was knitting on in 2008. All participants must leave a comment on this post before 11:59 EST this Saturday, January 5.

The prizes you are going to be eligible for are the following

  1. A set of stitch markers made by me!
  2. Some sock yarn from Karen’s Heavenly Creations in her colorway Blue Violets!

So hopefully you are lucky in the new year. I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy New Year!

0 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Was it a tuque?

    Congrats on a year blogging. I’ll be at a year myself in Feb for my knitting blog, I can’t beleive how quickly the time’s passed.


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