Gifting Crafts*

Time to share all of my holiday crafting! I continued sewing bags,


The blue and green ones were more for my hubby’s cousins, and the pink one was for my sister. I also made reusable tea bags for a few people, which I thought were handy and eco-friendly. 

I made my mom a bag-holder. It was pretty simple and easy to do. She has already requested another one.

For friends at work, I painted votive holders in holiday themes. I didn’t think to take pictures though. In the knitting front, I finished a scarf for a friend of mine, which I have yet to take a picture of, even though she has been wearing it to school for the past few days. For my mom’s birthday I made her a pair of mittens.

I made my cousin the lil’ devil baby hat for Christmas. It turned out so cute! Davis’s aunt requested one for her daughter, and everyone thought it was adorable.

I also made another hat for Davis that fits better.

See how happy he is?! Don’t forget about the contest I posted yesterday, it has been fun reading your guesses thus far!


*some of these items have been done for a while, but not mentioned because certain recipients read this blog

0 thoughts on “Gifting Crafts*

  1. wow Steph – you have some very lucky family and friends!! Those are some really lovely bags, and the tea bags are a truly excellent idea. You’re a talented seamstress 🙂


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