So yesterday was my sister, Ella’s, birthday. Since she has a birthday so close to the begining of the year, I knit her a hat (Denise, I’m not sure if it qualifies as a tuque, you’ll have to let me know when you see the pictures. It definitely does not have a pom-pom), which was the first project I worked on (and completed!) in knitted fabric this year. So Suz guessed correctly, and the random die roller chose Nicole for the other prize winner! I am waiting for them to email me back with their info, so hopefully they do so soon so I can get their goods to them!

In my last-minute knitting frenzy, I forgot to take pictures of the hat. I will post one tomorrow so you can see it.

0 thoughts on “Congrats!

  1. A tuque is a stocking cap, I guess you’d call it. Like what you showed me at the last meeting. It doesn’t need a pompom and doesn’t really have specific requirements.


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