Goals complete.

I finished writing my 101 goals earlier this week. However, I had left the list at work, so I had not had a chance to start typing them up. I did begin working on accomplishing them yesterday, so that means if I started on January 10, 2008, I will be done on October 7, 2010. (2010. Weird.) I will post my goals tomorrow, so you can look for them.

In other news, I am going to go to the Carroll County Sit and Knit tomorrow, and I hope I can go to the spinners meeting at Knitters Nest on Sunday. Plus, tomorrow is my husband’s company holiday party, so I will have to get dressed up. (Last year was the first year my husband was employed by them and it was the first time I had met some of his collegues. After, “Nice to meet you.” the next thing I was asked was, “Do you really carry knitting with you?” Apparently Davis told them stories about how I carried knitting in my purse with me. They seemed a little surprised that yes, I indeed had knitting in my bag.) We shall see what kinds of excitement we can get into this year. If there are any fun stories, of course I will share them.

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