You asked for it…

I finished typing my goals list, so if you are interested in reading some of them, they are under the pages in the sidebar. (I think it is humorous in an interesting way that my 101 in 1001 will be done in 1010!) It was challenging coming up with the last few. I did ok, but I know that some of the goals I thought of did not make it on the list because I was where I couldn’t write them down, and consequently forgot them. I am excited though, because I have a lot of things I want to do that I will be very happy to get done.

Also, I wanted to say you should be careful what you say. Remember yesterday when I said I would share any stories I came across? Well, I have one now.

Davis got a new trainer for his bike. (A trainer is a contraption that you can set your normal bike in and it makes it like a stationary bike. See below for visual.) I have been asking if he was getting a new one because I had this idea that if he got one I could use it to exercise as well. Plus, I was thinking about my goals, and new it would help reach a few of them.

So he got one this past week, and set it up in the basement. My bike needed a special tire, which he got for me yesterday, and last night showed me how to use it.

So this morning, I get up and start riding. My fluffy kitty,

(this one. yes she is sticking her tongue out at me.)

decides to walk underneath the bike as I am riding! I stopped, and managed not to kill her with the peddles. (I wasn’t really going that fast to begin with.) She moved out from underneath and I started peddling again. Except she wasn’t quite far enough away and her fluffy tail twitched towards the chain of my bike, and, well…

She is now missing a bit of fur from her tail. She is alright though, she had to get a bath due to the grease from the chain in her tail, and has a barely noticeable batch of fur from her tail missing, but she will live. She is also now scared of the bike, and won’t go near it. (Good thing!)

It made for an entertaining morning.

0 thoughts on “You asked for it…

  1. Well, she wanted to make sure that you had some new fiber to try. Her tail will grow back and be fluffier than ever. There is your new challenge – knitting cat hair!!!

    And the weather has been nice enough that you really could ride your bikes outside right now.


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