Fabric Needed

I have been knitting, just not much on any one project. I hope to have an FO by this weekend, and before that show you what new fancy thing I have learned to do. It has been so dark when I get home, though, pictures really aren’t that great. So it will have to wait.

I do have a picture of my sister’s hat that I made at the beginning of the year. She finally sent it to me this weekend.

Maybe some day I will use up the Lamb’s Pride I have! :o)

Also, another teacher at school sent out a request for fabrics for her sewing class at school. If anyone has this other kind of fiber obsession, please email me at stephattbsigmadotorg if you would like to send some. I have a fairly young fabric stash and lots of plans, but I figure I can find something for them!

0 thoughts on “Fabric Needed

  1. I was already putting stuff aside for you but you can pass it on to her if you want to. Does she need patterns too? I will just bring everything I clean up to Starry Night.


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