Temporarily Impeded

I have been having problems with my technology*, so until my live-in tech support fixes it, I will be unable to bring you the stunning, witty blog writing that I am so usually capable of. (quit laughing at me!) If you need to be entertained, travel over to see Cass , enter her contest, then read some of her witty blog writing. Seriously, don’t snort your milk.

* first I noticed my computer was going slow, then my USB ports stopped working. After telling me he didn’t know what was wrong with it, husband told me he was going to reinstall windows. So he installs Vista. I had an older version of windows so I am not used to this. I now can’t find my files, lost some of my software, have no sound, and still have USB ports that don’t work. Seriously, I’m going to knit.

2 thoughts on “Temporarily Impeded

  1. Well, since I have spent all day transferring files over to an external drive I understand. And tell him he needs to make sure that you can understand it not just him.


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