I am going to explode

I was going to write a quick, five minute post to entertain you, but that has turned into half an hour of trying to figure out how to download the pictures off my camera.

See, Vista is not being at all more ‘intuitive’ than XP was. In XP, there was this little button that popped up when I turned on the camera and clicked on the icon. It said, "Get Pictures from Camera". There is no little button in Vista. I have to do something called "Import" but I am not sure that I can organize the pictures into the folders I have and rename them like I was doing. I am afraid to try this for fear that I will lose all of my pictures or have to spend several hours renaming and organizing them. I’m sure that it is much easier than I am making it out (Like my behind getting more skinny is easier!). But as I am at the end of the semester and have grades to give and exams to grade, I think I’ll explode first.

Oh, Vista, how I loathe you!

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