Passive-Aggressive Clutter

I’ve been thinking about where I want my life to end up. I have lots of half-formed ideas and hazy concepts of a life I want, but have had no real epiphanies about a clear goal to work towards. I know what I like, but not what to do with it. My opinions and values have matured a lot in the past few years, but I know I still have some growing to do.

However, last night I had a moment of clarity. Prior to this, I have been saying to myself, "I need to get organized." or, "I need to clean___." In fact some of my goals for 101 things center around organization and destashing of my many interests. Last night though, I was trying to fall asleep, and I was picturing the places I live and work. (More public revelations!)


I need to get rid of the clutter! I have too much stuff piling up in too many places, both at work and at home. I think, "That’s cool, I want to do that!" and I start, but stop part way through. Or I begin to clean up, but get sidetracked by more ‘fun’ stuff. Or I just procrastinate because I think I can do it later.

No more. I am going to get rid of the stress this stuff is causing me. And I have started. When I started knitting, I was so excited to be able to connect to anyone who loved this as much as I do, I wanted to read everything I found about people who knit. So I marked all blogs I came across. Now I have been saying I have too many blogs marked, so I can’t read them all. I use Google Reader, and I had my blogs sorted in categories such as ‘podcasts’ or ‘crafty blogs’ or ‘blogs i love’. I had one folder labeled ‘part one blogs’. This was where the majority of my 705 blogs (as of Monday this week when I checked) were stored. I have been deleting a few at a time that I know I don’t really get much out of or who have not posted since July of last year(!) this week, but tonight, after my moment of clarity, I decided I was just going to do it. I deleted the whole of the ‘part one blogs’. Yes, there were a number of great blogs in there. The truth was I just skimmed them though, and mostly just marked that I had read them without really doing so. So now they are gone. I have 147 left! While this is still a fairly large number, and I may still decide to get rid of a few, most are ones that I enjoy and read. Plus the podcasts, which I can listen to while doing a variety of things. I feel a bit better now, at least about my electronic clutter.

Now I’m off to deal with another section of my stress!

0 thoughts on “Passive-Aggressive Clutter

  1. I love the new blog design – it looks great!!

    Um, it’s almost scary how many of those pictures could be photoshopped into my walls and you wouldn’t really notice a difference. We have cut down on a TON of clutter in the last couple of years, and are still working on it. My stash is fairly represented on Ravelry, and even though it’s pretty small in comparison to many, I still feel the weight of it. But my feedreader? So clogged I don’t know which way is up , or even have a good way of keeping up with the ones I would really miss! Hence the sporadic comments 😉 I need to take a cue from you and ditch the ones I skim or click on just to mark them read – the problem really is how many great ones there are out there!


  2. (randomly came across your blog)

    good for you!! from personal experience, I can say that it is an amazing feeling to get rid of some clutter… and even better if you can keep future clutter in check!!

    good luck!!


  3. Isn’t it amazing how much stress clutter and mess causes? For me, it makes me feel claustrophobic, distracted and overwhelmed. Geeze, that’s a lot of feeling that are induced by clutter…but it’s so true.

    Best of luck with all of your organizing and destashing. 😉


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