Would you do this?

I love when people use knitting in an art installation. It makes it seem less Suzie-homemakerish, less mundane. Plus it brings knitting out of the house (not like we don’t do that already.)

My MIL purchased a subscription to Craft magazine this year (love this ‘zine! Even if you never make anything, it gives you many perspectives on a wide variety of crafts. Including knitting.), and I just got my new issue in the mail. There was an article about this gingerbread house this woman had constructed…entirely from knitted items! You can see pics here. Believe me, you want to check this out. The amount of detail and effort that went into this thing, it’s mind-boggling.

I think I love the plates the best. But I’ll stick to my garments for now!

I also finished another item from my list, which was to hang two pieces of art in my house. I did it on Saturday, when I was cleaning the bathroom, and felt that the room was dark and boring. I used stuff I already had, which was a print of flowers in a vase. After hanging one, I went to the upstairs bathroom and hung another one there. Yeah, it’s not High Art of the Insanely Expensive kind, but it still makes things look pretty!

4 down and 97 to go!

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