Very unimaginative title if I do say so myself. Can’t think of anything better right now.

I plied the purple yarn earlier this week, and completed another of my 101 goals!


There are places where it is very even, and there are places where it is not so even, as evident in the photo. I am learning how to keep my singles more consistent, and on average this is worsted-weight yarn. I took a tip from Jackie since I had spun the entire amount without dividing it for plying. You wind your singles into a center-pull ball. Then you hold both the inside and outside ends together to wind another center-pull ball. Then you can ply from the ball to make 2-ply yarn. Worked great! Thanks again Jackie!

I immediately went through my fiber stash (generously donated by Mia) and chose some more fiber to spin.


I don’t know the fiber content, but I have 216 grams of the reddish-purple and about 56 grams of the blue. I decided to spin them together, alternating the red and blue (for anyone non-math oriented, that is over 260g! I am trying to spin approximately a worsted weight yarn after plying. Any ideas on what I could use it for then?). With the other colors already in the fiber, it is turning out nicely.


And this time, I divided it evenly in half, since I have so much more, to facilitate plying. I expect I will still have to spin it in even smaller batches, since it is so much more than the last one and that filled my spindle.

In my blogging news, I am going to be adding tags to my posts to make it easier to find things on a subject. I thought that tags were a waste of time when I started blogging, but after going to visit other people’s blogs, I appreciate what tags do to find info on a site that may have a hodge-podge of topics or crafts that they engage in. Since I’m becoming more eclectic in my crafting, I want to have this same courtesy. Look for that soon!

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