More craftiness unveiled

So what I had alluded to in the last post was that I had taken up embroidery. I am making some bibs for upcoming baby presents, and thought they needed a little something extra. I think that they are extra cute!


Those of a wooly persuasion might like the little lamb,


But I am personally drawn to the little pink elephant.


It was the first one I did, so I didn’t pick the best color combo for it to stand out. I also did them all free hand, so no tracings or lines to follow. I find that smaller details work best. The frog, for example, is a little big to have the impact I wanted. But I am getting better, and isn’t it all about the hand-made details anyway?

I also started making some thank-you cards for my sister for her wedding.


I stamped a small detail on the insides, which you can see in the bottom card.

I have been knitting, just not much that makes a dent in any one project. Hopefully I’ll finish something soon!

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