Down to Seven

Yesterday I spent the entire day (and I mean entire, this event was very unorganized. For example, the awards ceremony was supposed to start at 4:15, the guy actually came on stage and started talking at 4:50, then answered his cell phone! And after the ceremony, we were supposed to go back and check out our rooms, except all the doors had been locked!) at the Science Olympiad invitational at Madison HS in Northern VA. I was helping a friend who teaches at one of the middles schools in the county, and this was her first event she took her kids to. Even though she only had three students go for her school, she still placed first and third in two events! The olympiad has teams of kids working to display their knowledge of science, from all different topics. There are tests, labs, and construction projects. On project the kids competed in was the Tower, where they had to build a tower to certain specs, suspend a bucket from it, and fill the bucket with a specific amount of sand without the tower breaking.


Since I was there to help, my main job was to stay where the homebase was to watch stuff. This gave me a lot of knitting time, and I finished a UFO that I had started just over a year ago!


This is the Last Minute Simple Stripes baby sweater that was given as a free download on KnitPicks a few years ago. I had printed a copy before they stopped posting it, so you probably won’t find the pattern anywhere. (Update! You can find the pattern here now! I heart Ravelry!) It’s a pretty simple sweater, mostly stockinette stitch with a garter button band and ribbed cuffs. But I like it because if you choose fun yarn it gives lots of visual interest that the pattern doesn’t. I made one before out of Bernat Cotton-Tots, which I had to do math to get to fit the pattern specs. If I make another one I would make the body a bit longer, because it seems to be a bit short, though I could block it a bit longer. The buttons make a cute detail


and I think the seams are lined up perfectly!


This means I have seven projects left unfinished right now! I think I can finish the baby socks I am working on currently to make it six by tomorrow!

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