I posted a few weeks ago about how my mess and clutter was a stressful situation. Some of my 101 goals included unpacking boxes that were in my craft room and putting things away. Guess what? It’s done!

You can now see the floor of my craft room/office. It is quite a large space, all for me to use!


It’s hard to get a good photo of the entire space. The white on the right is the door frame.

I already showed you the shelves.


I think they work really well in the space. And they were very inexpensive!

The closet got organized, too!


Fabric so I can see it, yarn on the left. There is a little fabric I haven’t pulled off the top shelf yet, but mostly it is batting.

This corner needs a cozy chair, but this one is good for now.


I also completed my goal of making an inspiration board for myself. This is the start.


I also arranged some of the remnants and fat quarters to serve as inspiration as well as add color to the room. (I might paint the walls some day, but for now I am happy.)

My favorite piece is this dresser we got from Ikea. It is just my style, but holds lots of stuff!


Obviously there is still some stuff to deal with, like the old sewing machines in the bottom corner above. But overall this is now a space I can work and relax in!

0 thoughts on “Organized!

  1. Excellent!! And very inspiring 🙂 I don’t really have a craft room, but the tiny guest room houses my yarn & knitting books and mags – anyone who comes to stay must think I’m a bit… off. In fact, the bed needs clearing off for my dad in a couple weeks, otherwise he’ll be using yarn as a pillow.


  2. I like the dresser. It is exactly what I was thinking of picking up. Actually mine would be from a second hand shop so I can paint it. And I see curtain making in the near future…

    And a comfy chair for the corner.


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