Baby Sweater Unveiled!

Yesterday after school we had our shower for our friend Cheryl who is having a little boy in a few weeks. We went to our local hang-out, Starry Night, and ate confections, drank yummy warm drinks, and had a good time.


Mine wasn’t the only handmade gift. Jess made a star blanket in the Raven’s colors.


(by the way, Jess also made the cutest crochet chick. Unfortunately, someone already snapped it up from her shop!) I wrapped up my presents really pretty-like!


Kacey recognized the yarn from her scarf I made. Everyone thought that the gifts (I also gave her some of the bibs and onesies I stenciled) were awesome, but the sweater was the best!


(ever had to explain to non-knitters how the yarn is made to do that? I think it is the funniest thing ever that people are confused by stripes!)

0 thoughts on “Baby Sweater Unveiled!

  1. The sweater really WAS adorable … dangerous for me, all that baby stuff makes me want to have another one (I only feel that way when my own 2 little monsters aren’t around). I also dig the dinosaur t-shirt you made.



  2. I just let them think I’m really really talented. If I have to put up with the annoying aspects of their ignorance (“What’s that–crochet?”), I figure I’m entitled to enjoy to unexpected perks!


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