Been Being a Bum

I was reading Adam’s post tonight, and he described exactly what I did this weekend. I was a bum.

I went skiing with my husband and some friends. I was able to ski one day, but knew I would be tired and sore so I opted out of the second day. So the second day I knit, slept, made homemade-from-scratch pizza, watched a movie, and slept some more. We went to Timberline, in WV, near where my parents have a place we borrowed for the weekend. There were eight of us total, and it was a blast. Playing games, laughing, and eating, who could want more?

IMG_4110IMG_4119 IMG_4118IMG_4114 IMG_4115IMG_4123 IMG_4120

The story behind the last picture: Davis got his pole caught when the lift went over the half-way station, (where it says, ‘don’t drag poles’), and bent his pole pretty good. Tom says, "I’m a mechanical engineer, let me look at it." After promising he wouldn’t break it, Tom promptly tried to bend it back, and it snapped. So his solution was to take a stick and jam it into the two pieces to hold them together. Much hilarity ensued, and it was a source of jokes for the rest of the weekend (and I’m sure that there will be many jokes in the future.)

I was able to knit for many hours of my bum-esk existence, including the four + hour drive out there. I finished the first of my purple-green socks!


These are perfect! I’ve gotten much better at getting things to fit. Plus, with this yarn (which seems slightly less white in person) the short-row heel looks much better. I love them, they are my new favorite! I just need to finish the second one, which is about 10 rows short of the heel.

Speaking of getting better, I was modeling it while wearing my first pair I knit for myself. (not the first pair ever, those went to my sister)


The red ones are slightly big, even with repeated washings, but I am happy to report that after almost a year, they have held up remarkably. There is very little pilling, and the heel feels a little thin, but not anywhere near wearing out yet. The yarn I used for them is Paton Kroy Socks, in paint box color.

Hopefully a full set completed soon! What did you do for your weekend?

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