Some Days, Teaching is the Best Job in the World!

And others, it just plain sucks monkey balls.

I understand that schools and school systems have to save face, to follow rules, and do well on state tests, but to do it at the expense of some of their students? Come on!

I understand that a large part of Americans do not value teachers or education, but to actually get paid less next year? (Seriously! I will make less money next year in this school system.)

There are also unrealistic expectations placed on teachers by administrators and parents. Most of the parents and administrators are ok, even wonderful to work with. It just takes one to make your life miserable.

I think I need a new profession.

For now I’ll just go look at the yummy yarn…

image image image image image   

(click the picks to go see the listings!)

0 thoughts on “Some Days, Teaching is the Best Job in the World!

  1. And you wonder about the union? I was talking to a guy who was in some of my classes last year and was a state FM (fire marshal) and he quit that job to make more money as a career fire fighter!!! And fire fighters make less than teachers.


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