Ready for Spring

So I haven’t felt much like doing any crafting this week, but I did knit a little. Not enough to make it interesting blog fodder. So I’ll show you the bag I made this past weekend.


This is the Charming Handbag from Bend the Rules Sewing. I loved it as soon as I saw it, and it is very spring like. The sides cinch up a bit when you hold it. More when there are actually things in the bag.


The only modification I made was to add a pocket to the inside, which may or may not be a little big for the bag.


If I made it again (and I think I will!) I think I would add some interfacing to the handle to stabilize it, since it crumpled up before the end of one day of use.

The sewing job wasn’t the greatest because I was excited and impatient to finish, but it will make a good small bag for spring!

0 thoughts on “Ready for Spring

  1. It will look great in your Etsy shop … Let me know when you set it up and I’ll advertise for you on my MySpace and Facebook (since I know you won’t be on there yourself any time soon)… 🙂

    I made two trades this week (another Chuck gone!), which is cool. Now I need to make some new stuff! But I’m getting a fun art print and a bracelet coming my way soon, which is very cool, too.

    My business cards, stamp, and sticky notes came in today. More business cards, post cards, and sticky notes coming soon. I feel so official-like!

    If you made a bag like that with a shoulder handle I’d totally buy it for my spring/summer purse, especially if it had some type of zipper or tie closure.

    Happy Knitting/Sewing/painting/everything else you’re doing!


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