Thank Goodness for Foresight!

When I was making the bags that I gave to Davis’ cousins for Christmas, I had ironed on fusible interfacing to my iron. It was an accident. I wasn’t paying attention and had the wrong side facing up, and started pressing. I ended up cleaning off the sticky stuff with rubbing and some vinegar/water to help. I also called my grandmother, who helped teach me to sew along with my mom, and asked how you clean it. She said she wasn’t sure, as she had not gotten a large amount of stuff on the iron in the past.

So I when I was in JoAnns a few months ago, I found some iron-off. Good thing too, because this happened.IMG_4097

I was making labels for my crafty creations using the iron-on transfer paper that you can print on (see tutorial from grumperina). Unfortunately I didn’t read all of the directions, and ended up with it stuck to my iron. I about freaked until I remembered about the iron-off.

And iron-off? Totally worth it. My iron is now good as new!

0 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Foresight!

  1. Man, I wish I had known about that stuff years ago when I was at Thanksgiving at my (now) SIL’s house, using her iron on my (apparently plastic) shirt, and melted it all over the iron. How embarrassing. Ended up buying her a new iron!


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