Bite the Bullet

Ok, so I did it.

It was a bit in coming, and discussing, and over-analyzing, but I did it.

I officially opened my shop, Gyrfalcon Designs.

large text logo

I have been talking to my friend Jess, (you may remember me discussing how she opened her shop recently) since at least January about selling things we make. I’ve discussed this with other family and friends. I decided on a name, designed a logo, got an email address, made labels. I’ve started lists, and databases, and all kinds of technical stuff, that most people don’t really do or don’t really think about because maybe they want to sell casually. I have agonized over some of these details. I think I might want to have this business for a while, watch it grow, so I wanted to start out right. Start as you mean to go on and all. But getting bogged down in all that stuff, you just might never start.

So I bit the bullet tonight, and listed my first (and thus far only) item.


They are hand-embroidered covered buttons. Aren’t they pretty?!

They have been finished since the end of February, but in the agonizing, I had imagined I would start by listing a bunch of items all at once. However, I now think that a slow trickle is how it will go, with timing and all. I have lots of ideas, and little time. But it is a start, however small.

0 thoughts on “Bite the Bullet

  1. Steph, that’s awesome. I think your buttons are so pretty – And I think that the background work is important if this is something that you want to do, so Bravo! very very cool!


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