First Pattern!

At 12:59pm today the first pattern arrived in my mailbox.

At 1:01pm I checked my mail, found the pattern, and printed it out. (yes, I was at work!)

At 1:05, I started casting on.

I knit, read, knit, graded papers, knit, came home, knit, made dinner, and knit some more.

At 9:05pm, 8 hours later, my sock looks like this.


(the colors are a bit more muted, but I don’t have good light at 9pm)

I am through the cuff and 2.5 repeats of the leg.

I thought I was doing good. I know that there are people who knit much faster than me, and I knew that I did other things, like feed my husband. I thought it was moderate progress.

But COME ON! There are people who are already to the heel on not just one, but TWO socks!

Luckily, I like my socks. Or I might just give up now!

0 thoughts on “First Pattern!

  1. “Never Give Up!!, Never Surrender! ” (The crew of the HMS Protector)

    My regular Friday off just happened to fall on the RIGHT Friday for a change, otherwise I’d still be knitting, too.

    Socks are one of my favorite knitting projects, quick, light, portable, and open to infinite variety…….

    Knit on!



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