Shout outs!

Ok, so I have to give my mom mad props for the patience she exhibited yesterday when listing my first item. I must have called about 4 times in less then 15 minutes. You rock mom!

I have also been working on more items for my store. Hopefully by the weekend I have more items to list. Thanks for the positive feedback that I got from y’all! You get your own shout out for being awesome blog-friends!

And I was crazy out of my mind doped up on crack (can you be doped up on crack?) slightly misguided by myself when I signed up for Sock Madness this year. I’m in the Tennessee division, but my true heart belongs to Maryland. They even have an etsy seller (knitfrontandback) who created sock yarn dyed in MD colors! You can buy some and send it to me if you like me that much!


So a shout out to all of the semi-deranged people who have joined Sock Madness with me!

0 thoughts on “Shout outs!

  1. Yes, you are definitely a Maryland girl. You do love your Terps. And you are nuts for doing a pair of socks in a day. And your mom rocks for listing the store stuff.


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