Perfectly Friendly

I’m still working on the first Zombie Sock. Not as much knitting as day one, but I am past the heel.

Yesterday, I spent an hour after school at our fav coffee shop with my friends. Went to the gym and swam with Kacey. Then, Melissa and her hubby came over and we played games later in the evening.

Today, I am going to the basketball game with Bri, Kacey, and two husbands. (See, Winters Mill is in the state finals. Go Big Mill!) Maybe I’ll work on the zombies at the game.


0 thoughts on “Perfectly Friendly

  1. I must say- i’m pretty sure there aren’t many people on the planet who have a reason to say “Mayble I’ll work on the zombies at the game.” That cracked me up!


  2. Hi! Just here to cheer you on since I noticed you aren’t through with your Zombie Socks. Although with everything else you seem to have going, I can certainly see why! I’ll be checking back to see these bags you speak of. Wait, I was distracted by the pretties from my cheering mission so here goes….

    Go, Steph…Go, Go Steph…knit those Zombies right and left. You can do it! Yes you can! Time for a big finish…Go Steph, Go!

    (There was a reason I wasn’t a cheerleader in HS!)

    Have a wonderful day. Hope you have time to work on your socks at least some.


  3. I, too, am just stopping by to cheer you on, however, your blog is so great, I ended up staying a lot longer than planned, and almost forgot my original reason for stopping πŸ™‚

    So…. Go girl, go!! You can make it to the next round. I’m rootin’ for ya πŸ™‚

    Have a great day! Oh, and thanks for a great blog! πŸ™‚


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