Up to Date

So the boys team won the MD state final in basketball! It was a close game, and a good one. We had fun yesterday seeing the team play at UMD.

I sold my first item from my shop! The buttons I listed the other day are claimed. (Thanks Mark! I really mean it when I say I want to see what you do with them!) Today I finished up a few more items and listed them in my store. They are all bibs, so if you need a baby gift, they would be great items for showers and such!

I’m planning on working on some bags in the coming week. So far I have some fabric picked out for the projects, I just have to decide on a design, cut them out, and sew them together. Here are some of the options.


Nice and bright, for the most part! Some of my favorites are


So look for more sewing from me soon… after I finish knitting a few Zombies!

0 thoughts on “Up to Date

  1. Okay, I TOTALLY love the stripes and flowers combo. I might be VERY interested in purchasing whatever you make from that.

    Also, why are you knitting zombies?


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