A time to relax

It is the first day of Spring Break weekend, so I have a great time to relax and recuperate over the next few days. I’m going to take advantage of every opportunity I have. So far so good!

Though I don’t have much to show for it.

Yesterday I went to cake testing with my sister. The lady she is talking to is awesome. If you are in the Westminster area, Just Desserts is a great recommendation. I didn’t take any pictures of the event though.

I finished a Zombie sock, but I left it at my mom’s last night, so there are no pictures. So far 26/40 people are done in my division. I have until Tuesday to finish the next one. I think I can do that. Especially since I have no plans for Monday as of yet!

I also have an almost finished pair of socks for me and an almost finished pair for a baby. No pictures of those either. They got left with the Zombies.

Today I went to The Manning’s with my friend Jess, but forgot my camera. So no pictures of the trip or the experience. I totally enabled Jess in her purchases, and she did buy some yarn that was not teal or purple. But man, she is drawn to the shiny! We looked at some of their weaving, and now I want to try a loom.

And guess what I walked away with!

Did you guess?!


That’s right, I did not buy yarn, or books, or a wheel, or anything. I was only slightly tempted by soft fiber and cute patterns. I think I managed to resist because I am totally focused on my business right now.

Speaking of business, I got this totally awesome book in the mail as a prize from Kristin. (I found her through Craft Leftovers. Both blogs are great!) She had a give-away if you told her about your goals for your crafty business.


I’ll let you know my impressions after I read it. May be a while, so don’t hold your breath. I’d hate to think you expired because of my busy work schedule!

0 thoughts on “A time to relax

  1. Okay, so I realized as I was driving home that I totally missed the fact that there was ANOTHER yarn shop practically right across the street from the pizza place.

    I looked online to find it, and it doesn’t have a working web site, but it’s called Wool Gatherings. Also, while I was online looking that up, I found that there’s a shop in Gettysburg, too (http://www.mistymountainfw.com/). Way cool!

    Thanks again for a great trip!


  2. I really enjoy your blog, but have one tiny (or actually large) reqest. Could you please use a larger font size? I’m only 42 with pretty good eyes, but find myself squinting to read your font. Thanks!!


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