I guess I fell off the blog-wagon for a few weeks. It has felt longer than that since I wrote here, though.  IMG_4272

The main reason being that I have been conned swindled bullied gently persuaded to run a triathlon at the beginning of May. Training has taken a lot out of me. I have been running, biking, and swimming regularly since the end of March. I didn’t anticipate that I would be so tired! As I have gradually gotten used to it, though, I have found more time for other things. Only three weeks though until race day, so I’m going to keep training.

In knitting news, I have begun a new project. Since I had cleared my current WIP list down to five items, none of which I wanted to work on the other weekend, I started the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl(ravelry link). I purchased the pattern about a year ago, and the yarn is Tess Cascade Silk (sport weight) from MDSW last year. I have had this in my queue for a while, so I started it. The pattern is simple, easy to memorize, and I am about half way done (hard to tell since I have more yarn then the pattern calls for. I think I am going to make it bigger than the pattern says too.) I love the slight variation of the silk, a subtle smoke and mirrors color.


So, what have you all been up to since I haven’t been around? I’m sure I’ll gradually catch up to the blogs I haven’t been reading, but it be nice to hear from you all the same.

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