The Remains

The other day I spent pre-washing most of my fabric stash. Then, I had to fold it. That took the longest.


But in the end, it got done. Now, I can use what I have when I want!

If you have ever pre-washed fabric, then you know that the edges of the woven pieces that have been cut unravel a bit. You get strings hanging off the sides and strings that are stuck to random places. I don’t throw those pieces away, but save them.


My mother-in-law gave me a box that you can put nesting materials in for birds to use. I add these scraps, (making sure there are small pieces) along with dryer lint, to give the birds the ability to have nice soft comfy nests for their babies. I use washing products without phosphates and other nastiness so that I don’t poison the birds unintentionally. It’s another great way to reduce and reuse! I’ve heard of other people who put their yarn scraps out for the birds, too. The only thing I wonder about is the acrylic. Wouldn’t that stuff just stay around forever?

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