I’ve been lacking motivation lately, at least in areas of my crafty side of life. However, today will be different. Promise.

It is 8:30, and already I have read a few blogs, checked my email, gone running, prunned my hedges, transplanted a hosta, petted my cats, and am now writting this blog.

The rest of the plan for today is to go to a baby shower, visit my mom where she is selling plants for the Master Gardeners, get cat supplies, take a shower, possibly plant some more, and finish Jess’ bag. (Yes, you heard me!)

By the way, I don’t think I ever told you guys that my friend Jess has her own blog now. You can find it here. She is much more on top of things with blogging and creativity than I am lately.

Also , sheep and wool is only two weeks away! Who’s excited!

(a few weeks ago Davis got a new camera. we want a digital one, but the one he got is film. but he sends them away to get digital pictures from them. this is my fav that I took around easter.)


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