Weekend Adventures

Last time, just as I finished my posting, my cat Freyja decided she was cold. So she tucked herself up in the sweaters I have stored in the lowest of my fabric bins. And I mean tucked. Luckily I had my camera on hand to witness this activity.


Doesn’t she look comfy?!

Anyways, I did everything I wanted to yesterday. I did more, in fact. The baby shower was fun, I got to see some people I know from college that I haven’t seen in a while, and my baby gifts I made were well received. I think I might get some more business out of it, actually.

After the baby shower I made it back to Westminster to hang with the CC knit group for a while. Suz, Mia, Carla and Deb were there, and I got to hang out with them for an hour or two before they left. Mia, always the generous one, of course came bearing gifts for all. She had the EcoWool that she had said I could have since she didn’t like the color. We debated whether the color would look good on Davis.


I think it will, don’t you? (I had to force him to take this picture. He was trying to make me dinner and I was interrupting.) Maybe I’ll make a Cobblestone for him, too.

Mia also handed me some yarn I admired from a recent stash enhancement she had made.


It’s Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn, if you can’t read the label. Very pretty, and I haven’t tried any of this yet.

Today I went riding/running with Davis and Kacey, my friend I am doing the triathlon with. We ran three miles, then biked 15. About 3 miles from the end of our bike ride, the clouds opened up and proceeded to douse us with rain and hail. Fun times! (Davis would not agree. In fact he thought that it was very much not fun times. But he can suck it because he stopped and had ice cream from a store along the trail and we didn’t.)

Oh, and just for Jess, here is a teaser for you.


(crappy pic, but it is raining and this is the best light I have without any effort.)

2 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. I think he would love a Cobblestone out of the yarn. And I think he would like the sock yarn color too depending how it knits up. He can’t complain about the yarn stash additions since they are for him.


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