Something New

Today, I decided to till the area that I want to plant some of my herbs and vegetables. Before I started, the area looked like this…


…and after I was done, it looked like this…


I love my little Mantis tiller!

The area needs to be raked over, because of these…


…rocks, lots of them. Once that is done, I will be planting a random assortment of herbs and vegetables. I’m only planting a small amount of things because my parents don’t live too far away and my mom has been growing seedlings for two months. She has a very small CSA she is hosting this year, so I am sure there will be plenty of produce to go around.

The rest of the yard is looking very pretty, with some leafing trees and flowers.


2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Beautiful yard! I have a question about a blog page of yours that I “saved” from last September. You were asking for yarn and needle donations. I didn’t follow all your posts after that but I’m sure you got plenty of contributions. How has it lasted and do you need more? Has your school knitting group continued? I never sent anything but I am now in the process of “clearing out” the stash a bit. Please let me know if you have any particular requests! Thanks.


  2. Didn’t you realize that this area grows rocks? Carroll and Frederick are well known for this fact. But you didn’t mention your mom was starting a small CSA. I am interested in one but the ones here in Frederick are geared for families not a single person.

    And let know if you want some mint. I will gladly share. And yes there is an evil grin on my face.


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