Time to Celebrate!

Fiber Style!

So I did it! I have gone 95 days, as of today, without buying yarn. (GO STEPH! GO STEPH! IT’S YOUR… sorry, got carried away for a minute.) Just in time for Sheep and Wool, too!

In honor of my accomplishments, I am going to buy yarn. Probably yarn I don’t need, or yarn that will sit in my stash for months if not years, but only fiber people get this. (Actually, crafting people of any sort get this, I’m sure.)

I am making a list of how much and what I might need for the projects in my queue. For the most part, my stash is fingering weight gauge projects. I don’t need any sock yarn. But I would like some solid or semi-solid fingering for some fair-isle work. I would also like to get at least enough yarn for one sweater (I’m thinking I want to do a Sahara, in the long sleeved version, maybe using beads on the cuff). Other than that, I think the pretty will do most of the talking!

Who wants to guess how much yarn I’m going to buy? I know other people have similar contests. If you want to play, I’ll send you a set of hand-made stitch markers! Make your guesses by midnight on Saturday, May 3rd! (I will only be there one day, so I am limited by a time constraint, if that helps!)

mdsnw 07 005

Will I see ewe at MDS&W?! (haha! crack me up!)

(and yes, I know that is a goat.)

0 thoughts on “Time to Celebrate!

  1. I just made the same list for myself, as it now looks like I will be at MDS&W on Saturday too! I have no idea what times I will be there, or what I will be wearing, but I am hoping to make it to the Ravelry meetup and get my button…maybe we’ll bump into each other.


  2. I suppose you’re already aware of the irony of celebrating not buying yarn by…buying yarn. (If I had ever tried a yarn diet, I am sure I would do the same–which is why I don’t diet.) Have a great time!


  3. Wait, 95 days without new yarn? Or 95 days of not buying yarn? Because I know that you have added new yarn to the stash since I am the one who gave it to you. I am sorry that I missed you at the show since I would have helped you celebrate. Ask Jess, Sarah, and Amanda how good I am at that.


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