MDS&W fun and excitement!

The big fiber event of the weekend was one that many of us went to. Since I live 25 minutes away, why on Earth would I have missed it?!

The day started pretty gloomy looking.


However it did not stop my friend Jess and I from loading up the car and heading out. It apparently did not deter a lot of other people either.


We walked around with not much of a plan, just look at what was there and leave when we wanted to. Of course there were fuzzy animals (I think the alpaca are the cutest!)


and lots of fiber in all shapes, colors, and styles. There were other cool things besides fiber as well. If you went to the exhibit hall, you might have seen the needle-felted puppet in the shape of a dragon head.


This lady does paintings of various sheepy pastimes. This is just one of them. If you want to see more, you can go here.

Of course what you really are here to find out about is how much yarn I bought.


This is the sum total of my sheep and wool purchases. Davis said he was impressed, because he thought I would come home with more. And all that above? Purchased for weaving! Not that I couldn’t knit some lace or something with any of it. And weaving? That is a story for another day.

0 thoughts on “MDS&W fun and excitement!

  1. Isn’t that funny? I didn’t come home with too much to show for it either, but I sure had fun! And I am very excited about the things that I did buy…it turned out to be a beautiful day, didn’t it?


  2. Obviously I didn’t make MDSW this year, I would have loved to see you!! Looks like you had a lovely time though, and you did exercise marvelous restraint 😉 I always want to squeeze the alpacas.


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